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JMORA is dedicated to empowering B2B companies achieve commercial outcomes with a clear and simple marketing strategy. 

With over 30 years in Marketing and Sales Leadership, the JMORA Team can help you to run workshops and create strategic deliverables which will help your business answer the hard questions. Like the ones listed below!

Assisting a Customer

Who is the ideal target audience for your business? 

  • Who do I target? 

  • What do your target audience want and need? 

  • What messaging will connect to this audience? 

  • Where do your audience go for information?

  • Who do they listen to (Influencers) and why? 

Race Competition in Nature

Who are your competitors and how can you stand out from the crowd? 

  • What competitive offerings appeal to this audience and why. 

  • What marketing mix elements are harnessed by your competitors? 

  • What keywords are contributing to your competitor successes?

Frozen Vegetables

What is your market category? 

  • What is your market category? 

  • Do you need to create one? For instance did you know Birdseye created the category of frozen vegetables! 

  • What is your unique value proposition? 

Branding stationery mockup scene, blank objects for placing your design..jpg

How do you create a brand that cuts through the market? 

How can you breath life into your brand? 

What is your desired reputation? 

What is your tone of voice? 

What is your visual identity? 

How do you create content that drives outcomes? 

  • What is your customer journey? 

  • What content do you need and have across your sales and marketing funnel? 

  • Is your content contributing to your digital goals? 

  • What partners, clients and influencers can you approach to drive backlinks to your webpage? 

  • How are you using social media to drive traffic to your content? 

  • Are you repurposing your content for highly portable, easy to share content? 


How do you partner with press for a mutually beneficial result? 

Welcome visitors to your site with a short, engaging introduction. Double click to edit and add your own text.

  • Which media publications care about the problem you are solving? 

  • What are your proof points? 
    Why do your audience care? Does this map to the media's focus areas? 


How do I automate my marketing plan with ease? 

What marketing technology (Martech) stack are you harnessing? 
What martech can you access for free? What is within budget? 

How can marketing and IT collaborate for effective solution design and selection? 

Why do I need a martech stack?

Our Team.

We are a family team! 

Founder, Michelle Zamora, is an accomplished B2B Marketing Leader who has worked for companies including IBM, Willow and Lendlease. Building and amplifying brands and lead generation strategies to deliver commercial outcomes is at the heart of the JMORA offering set. 

Latest Work: Production Christina Noble Children's Foundation Gala Ball: 270 people. $340,000 net funds raised to support healthcare and education.

Christina Noble Children's Foundation Gala Ball

Gallery of Work 

Cricket Match

Let’s Work Together

Sydney, Australia

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