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Commercial Outcomes with data driven marketing strategies 

Do you want to grow your business but you're not ready to hire a Chief Marketing Officer? 

Successful growth requires  a strategy that scales with your business. No matter your organisational size, your cash flow is a precious commodity. 

Increasingly, businesses are investing in "Fractional" Leaders - leaders who are hired for a percentage of the week or month. 

In doing so,  you leverage accomplished leaders with experience building and driving strategies in businesses like yours, at a price you can afford. 

Digital Artist

Do you need a digital plan which your team can execute today. 

Food photography

Do you have your marketing strategy in place but need content created which will bring it to life? 

Laptop On Tray


I had the pleasure as one of the co-founder of Willow Technology Corporation ( to work with Michelle as our global chief marketing officer. Having worked at the top of IBM, Michelle wanted to see how, at the other end of the business world, her creative wares could be applied to an emerging startup. Willow is a sizzlingly interesting company with world-beating building and infrastructure software. How to translate tech talk into interesting business language in creative and interesting ways was one part of the challenge. Look at the website, the stories told, the beautiful visualization. Willow is now on the map. 
Michael Easson, Executive Chairman

Alexa Young, CA

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