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No two diamonds are the same but each are of great value.

Dearest reader

Every diamond is unique, precious and rare. It is my most esteemed honour to share with you that the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation Gala Ball has not one but two diamonds of the season.

Realtime Business Solutions (RBS), chaired by Teresa Dang, is also our gala diamond.

RBS provides world leading products and services to connect container handling processes and data for rail and shipping industries. By harnessing the latest technological advances RBS-TOPS ensures their customers know exactly where each container is and what the next steps are for safe and efficient supply management.

It is on good authority, dearest reader, that our diamond will be bringing esteemed clients and guests to be part of the evening, as we hear stories of resiliency and success, we feast on amazing food and are entertained throughout the evening with live music and cultural artists.

So dearest reader, will you be joining the ball and sharing a night of amazing experiences with our diamonds, Real time Business Solutions and Anna Wang Stylist?

With most esteemed kindness,


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