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Marketing Planning for successful execution tomorrow.

Team planning together to drive positive outcomes
Marketing Planning for success

Marketing planning is essential to every marketing leader's role. Done well, it will ensure successful outcomes aligned to business goals. Done without due thought, it can result in wasted dollars and missed opportunity.

It is easy to change tactics, with changes possible to be made on the fly. However aligning the plan to the business objectives and determining a clear and detailed prospect strategy takes time and care. It forms the foundation for success.

In this post, I am sharing a suite of slides I use when going through a marketing planning process with my clients. This is based on years of experience with companies such as IBM, ,Willow and Lendlease.

Over the coming weeks I will run through page by page "the how" for each section and tools you can use to build the knowledge.

For now, I hope these slides are of value and help set you and your team up for success.

Sending. you the happiest of vibes,


Download PDF • 4.93MB

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