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Essential Tools, Books and More

We are often asked about the tools we use, the books we read and the products which inspire us as creatives. So here it is - your guide to the JMORA Endorsed Marketing essentials! 

* These recommendations are not sponsored in any way! 


The graphic design solution for all 

No matter your skill level or experience, Canva is your online graphic design partner. Create logos, brand kits, videos, social media posts, presentations, edit photos, remove backgrounds, and even create animations quickly and easily! And all powered with artificial intelligence for better outcomes every time. 


    Cloud based Customer Relationship Management for all size businesses

    Easy to work with, quick to get started and simple to scale - this is the dream solution for startups, scale ups and corporates to align sales and marketing together in the pursuit of amazing customer experiences. 


      Social Media and PR listening and analysis

      Simple and comprehensive too designed to help you listen, analyse and respond to social and press media and influencers. It can be more expensive so may skew more to enterprise users. 

        This is Marketing

        The must read guide for all marketers

        Seth Godin is legendary in the marketing space. He writes with simplicity, creativity and delivers results. 


          Play Bigger

          The essential guide to category creation 

          Play Bigger is the ultimate guide to category creation. It is the type of book which is well worn with post it notes, reminders and examples written on each page. There are also the playbook templates available to support the guide. This is a must read for all marketing and brand professionals. 

          Come Alive 

          The essential guide to meaning and joy 

          Yu Dan Shi changed my life. She helped me to understand joy and happiness in a way I had not been able to connect with previously. She has inspired my family to make changes for the better. 

          This book will make you cry, make you think and help you dream bigger and live with pure joy. 


          The Visual MBA

          The essential guide in pictures!! 

          Curl up with a coffee, and enjoy this book. Each lesson is clear and crisp, with powerful diagrams to ensure you understand and remember everything from brand creation through to managing your P&L. 

          6 CONNEX

          Virtual Event Experience 

          This software tool is easy to use, easy to brand and simple to engage with. Customers all provided 5 star ratings on the experience and ease of use. Would use this again with any team I worked with. 


          Google Analytics

          Measure what you do 

          Being accountable to results is essential to any marketing strategy. Google Analytics provides a perfect mix of prescriptive and predictive analysis to help guide your digital marketing team on a journey of growth and scale.  There is an abundance of learning and how to videos available however the best way of learning is to just jump in and get started! It's that easy! 

          Wix Website creation

          Website creation 

          Wix is not only easy to use but the customer service  to help you resolve issues, troubleshoot and grow your business is the best I have ever seen. Wix will be used by me as an example of how to value and respect your clients! 


          Life After Suicide 

          For survivors of the fallen 

          This book is the top read for anyone who has survived when their loved one has not. This book helps you to take steps to find strength and bravery, when the world around you is crumbling. It is written with raw pain, love and courage. It is life changing.

          Walk on Music 

          The ultimate selection of walk on songs for your next corporate event 

          You have planned your event. The content and speakers are ready. Have you considered what music will play as your talent walks onto the stage to commence speaking. Music creates emotion and engagement. It can form the mood in the room. Choosing the right music is essential. Here is the ultimate selection of songs for your next corporate event. 

          Wow emotions and music. Stylish couple dancing on bright background. Modern design, contem

          Ready Player Me 

          Your own personalised avator ready for the metaverse

          You don't need to be a developer to create your own avator. Ready Player Me has a diverse selection of options for every person. 

          The best way to get started is to simply jump in. 

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