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Farewell our baby girl

Earlier this year, our beautiful brand ambassador, Coco Chanel Zamora took her last breath. Surrounded by her family, she gracefully crossed the rainbow bridge. Her body was simply no longer able to carry her loving energy in this world and heaven beckoned her to light up the world from a place of peace and without pain or obstacle.

Coco Chanel was nearly 15 years old and was famous for

  • counter surfing the kitchen and outdoor BBQ bench tops

  • running with a "bunny hop" and joyful happiness

  • ruining one high heal every time I took a business trip

  • commanding pats and attention with a firm swipe of her paw

  • mastering the Zamora ladies eye roll when displeased

  • her epic dislike of poodles

  • her love of treats, steak and gravy and chicken nuggies

  • her absolute devotion

Coco is so very much missed and will always be loved.

As her mummy, I loved Coco with every breath, every heart beat. I know she is in the safe arms of her Uncle Dan Dan. I am eternally saddened she is not in mine. Until we meet again sweet girl.

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