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Account Based Marketing

I am often asked about the difference between B2B and B2C marketing. There are of course differences in terms of the tactical approaches, measurements and channels of marketing. There is one key similarity however: Humanity. Ultimately great marketing appeals to the hearts and minds of an individual. It requires clear segmentation and a strong understanding of the persona you are engaging with.

For B2B marketing strategies, one of the leading Business to Human approaches is Account Based Marketing.

Account based marketing is defined as a B2B marketing strategy which is personalised to the individuals within a defined set of customers to build deeper relationships and grow new opportunities. It closely aligns sales and marketing together in a way which is shown to improve return on investment by over 149%.

There are key steps to account based marketing:

1. The Customer

a. Identify your priority customers and accounts

b. Analyse and document the buyer groups and processes

2. The Unique Value

a. The customer persona

b. The unique value proposition

c. The Persona Needs and Gains

d. Map the product value

3. Plan and Execution

a. Sales and marketing Plan

b. Campaign Plan

c. Campaign Tactics

4. Track, Measure, Adapt

If you are looking to create an account-based marketing plan you can either:


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