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50 Years of Mother's Day advertising

On Sunday 14 May, many countries, including Australia, will celebrate the role of motherhood, in all its forms.

Mother's Day is also a day where we are indulged with a splurge of advertising on goods and experiences curated for the mother figure in your life.


In 1973, The Australian Women's Weekly included this advertisement by Sabco in their publication. From the references to maids, through to the selection of cleaning products to help "her" with the cleaning, this is definitely one "for the dust" today.


In 1983, McDonalds advocated to give mum's a break today. From free breakfasts to catchy jingles, this was the year to put away the toilet brush and grab some hotcakes instead.


In 1993, with a move to more segmented marketing, Polaroid focused on families, and promoted to put the fun back into the day.


In 2003, humour and a touch of mother's guilt was infused into the mother's day advertisements. An acknowledgement to how hard mothering can be, and a focus on marketing to the kids to buy presents which showed appreciation.


In 2013, a move back to representation of mum's as stay at home, and somewhat clueless was portrayed by Virgin Mobile. Less about gratitude and more about giving mum's a break..... by buying them a phone they need space to use.

Conversely, Pandora tugged at the heart strings, showing imagery of mum's and children in loving embraces as mum is anointed with new jewellery.


And this year. The year Miley Cyrus advocated that we can buy our own flowers, companies around the world, are promoting and advocating to give your mum time.

From US Grocery store Publix

To Michael Hill Jewellery in New Zealand

To Pandora

To Dior .....

To all the mum's and amazing people "mothering" the children of the world, we wish you a day of gratitude, love and time with those you love...... and definitely no toilet brush, mop or broom!


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